Introducing "Cleandek"
Rotary Brooming Attachment

The "Cleandek" Rotary Broom on a Ford 5640 Tractor

If you need a road sweeper, and already have a tractor, get the "Cleandek" Brooming Attachment fitted to the front of your tractor and you have a mufti-purpose machine.

This versatile machine uses heavy duty 600mm diameter broom stocks. When not in use the attachment can be retracted for easy transportation.

Here is a wonderful alternative to other similar products - most of which are rear mounted and produce neck injuries to the operators. The "Cleandek" gives you added productivity, and most importantly, no operator neck injuries.

The huge hydraulic motor driving the brooming attachment delivers a whooping 10kws at a speed of 80 revs per minute to sweep a pavement completely clear of loose material.

This system is completely run by hydraulics: exceptional reliability is guaranteed.

You are assured of good value for money:
. Now tested and proven to be extremely reliable. We recently exported 4 complete units with tractors to Papua New Guinea. Excellent results were reported.


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