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Diesel Burners from Bro International for heating Bitumen

Replacing discontinued Luxford Diesel Burners

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A simple lightweight and trouble-free general purpose Compressed air operated liquid burner for use in...

Grain and produce drying Machinery repairs
Bitumen and asphalt heating Component pre-heating
Water heating Sand dryers
Concrete curing Kilns
Metal castings Forge work
Animal cadaver incinerators General refuse incinerators


Low cost - easy to install
Low operating costs compared to Liquefied gases
Instant lighting - no pre-heating or waiting
Very clean flame - a unique feature with liquid fuels
Individually adjustable fuel and air
No small jets to choke up
Made from everlasting materials such as bronze, aluminium, and stainless steel
 Australian Market price at only AUD$630  Plus GST and Freight in Australia

 USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East Africa, only US$630   for standard model includes Freight 

 USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East Africa, only US$710   for standard model with flame-out device , includes Freight 


Capacity 100.000 btu to 500.000 btu/hr adjustable
Fuel Kerosene, distillate or light fuel oil, gravity feed 3 to 15 lts per hr

.7us Gals to 3.2 Gals per hr 

Air Compressed air 3 to 5 cfm at 50 - 70 psi
Length 320 mm overall (12.5")
Height 50 mm (2")
Width 80 mm (3")
Weight 1.070 Kg. net (2.36Lbs)
Truck mounted Used for heating bitumen (asphalt) on road tankers, uses regulator, fuel pump, and flame failure device.   
Documentation Burner is supplied with complete instructions for installation, operation, servicing and trouble shooting
Options The burner can be installed with a thermo couple flame failure device which will shut off the fuel.

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