Manual and Automatic Spreader Boxes For Aggregate Spreading

The "Auto Spread 2700" and "Safety Spread 2700"

Just released the new 4,6,8,10 door 2 meter 2.5 meters 2.74meter and 3 meters  wide Automatic Spreader


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Auto Spread 2700 

The "Auto Spread 2700" Automatic Spreader Box is convenient, safe, cost effective and easy to operate. It offers effective and accurate aggregate dispersion from the rear of your truck with complete safety

Now there is no need for an additional person to work in danger on the rear of the truck. The "Auto Spread 2700" Automatic Spreader Box not only reduces your staff, and your costs, but more importantly, it eliminates the real danger of serious or fatal accidents caused by working on the rear of a moving vehicle.

The "Auto Spread 2700" is so convenient. It's easy to operate by the driver directly from the cab in complete safety. Indeed, the whole operation is carried out from the cab with the use of dashboard mounted controls. A camera is mounted at the rear and a monitor in the cabin. The driver can watch the monitor and clearly see when the aggregate is finished.

The spread width is 2.74 meters and the operating system is of heavy duty construction. Four doors are used which can be operated in any configuration and are used with hardened chrome bars mounted in a bearing housing. Wiper seals are fitted to eliminate dust from the main slide control. All moving shafts are fitted with grease nipples and the slide impact control is fitted with roller bearings. The slide gate control is of hydraulic construction and made to withstand the high impact from the air controlled gates.

This system has been refined under actual working conditions in the field over the past 15 years. It is now field-tested and proven to be extremely reliable.

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The manual version of the "Safety Spread 2700"..

 It offers a manual safety spreader with a right and left hand enclosure. Fitted with four handles in each enclosure, the operation can be carried out from either side. A head set PA system can be supplied  as a option so the operator can communicate with the truck driver.

New spread rate control adjustment allows the gate opening to be preset,
so that the gates can only be opened the same distance every time they are used, this gives a metered flow of aggregate.

This model is the same basic design as the "Auto Spread 2700" thus allowing a conversion if the manual spreader is to be upgraded to an Automatic version at a later date.


Option No 1 - a manual operated

Contact us for the latest prices, ex- works, Townsville, Qld, Australia.. sales@bro.com.au

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Option No 2 - Manual /Automatic can be operated manually and automatic

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 "Safetyspread 2700" with operator enclosures which can be used as a manual spreader or autospreader. Contact us for the latest prices, ex- works, Townsville, Qld, Australia.. sales@bro.com.au

CCTV camera and Micro switches and a buzzer are fitted to indicate when the aggregate is finished.

To increase the versatility of this spreader, operating switches are duplicated in the personnel enclosures. Manual handles - 4 on each side - can be connected if handle operation is required. This is sometimes required when spreading up to buildings.

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Option No 3 Automatic Auto Spread 2700 in action

Contact us for the latest prices, ex- works, Townsville, Qld, Australia.. sales@bro.com.au ex-works Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Cost and freight quotation on request 

Can shipped anywhere in the world.

We can build the Spreader Box to suit your special requirements.

Just released the new 4,6,8,10 door 2 meter 2.5 meters 2.74meter

and 3 meters  wide Automatic Spreader

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Spreader Box Configurations
Item Description Specifications
3 Auto Automatic operation with control panels
1. Platforms and Handles Two platforms - left and right.
Two sets of four handles; left and right side.
2. Platforms and Handles No Platforms and no handles.
4. Gates 4 gates
B. Gate Width 2.5 meters wide
C. Gate Width 2.73 meters wide
D. Gate Width 3 meters wide
G. Option Close circuit TV mounted in cab of truck
A. Option 24 volts DC
J. Option. 12 volts DC
Example Standard Manual ( 2.7 m wide) 1 B G A ---- * Approx. Weight 320 Kg ,4.7 Cubic Meters 1.2X.9X2.7
Example Manual and Automatic ( 2.7 m wide) 31 B G A. ....*Approx Wt 380 Kg , 4.7 Cubic Meters
Example Automatic Only ( 2.7 m wide) 32 B G A  .....*Approx Wt 280 Kg ,Size for shipping,1.22 Cubic Meters or  2.74x560x800

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